What Are The Best TVs For PS5 2022?

These days when the family spends more and more time together at home, it is natural to look for alternatives to have fun.

In that order of ideas, Sony hand in hand with the powerful PlayStation 5 has burst onto the scene as one of the great entertainment options. Thus opening the ninth generation of video games.

And how could it be otherwise, to exploit the full potential of the aforementioned console, it is necessary to acquire a TV for PlayStation 5? One that does it justice!

After all, a good PS5 TV is an important part of the gaming experience. When both devices complement each other well, an excellent contribution is achieved to create an entire immersion in your favorite games.

In this article we will tell you which are the best televisions for ps5 and the points that you must take into account to make an ideal purchase. Let’s start!

Points to consider before buying a gaming TV for PS5

Before getting a brand new TV for PS5 you must take into account some considerations. This is how you will choose the best option that is within your reach.

And it is that to enjoy a great experience it is necessary that your TV for PS5 has some specific characteristics. Like the following:

  • 4K UHD: The importance of the image! This technology provides sharper, more realistic images with a wide, high-quality color gamut.
  • HDR10 +: This technology provides you with metadata that indicates the brightness of the projection scene by scene.
  • 120 Hz: This unit of frequency is of great importance for the refreshment of the image on your screen. And it is that some titles of the PS5 emit 120 frames per second (fps)… That is why your television must support this feature for greater refreshment and better latency.
  • HDMI 2.1: That way you can achieve better data transfer with higher bandwidth. Important to transmit frames with better movement.
  • FreeSync and G-SYNC: Either of these two options improves the quality of the graphics and the gaming experience on your PS5 by eliminating tearing and stuttering.

What TV for PS5 to buy?

Here are some features you’ll be glad to have on your TV for PS5. But beyond that, perhaps the most important thing is to acquire a 4K TV for PS5. It is the requirement that you will be able to distinguish the most if you are a regular user.

But since what we want is to facilitate the purchase process, below we mention some of the brands that meet this requirement. Check which TV to buy for PS5 below:

Samsung Q95T: The best TV for your PS5

This high-end computer has an impressive 75” screen, which is perfect for gaming.

The Samsung model is ideal for playing and admiring the beauty of the image, which undoubtedly makes it the recommended TV for PS5 par excellence.

  • LG CX Smart TV: The best image to squeeze your PS5

If we talk about one of the best televisions for PS5, we have to mention the LG CX Smart TV . Perfect to spend hours and hours playing. 

Plus fast response times that match game speeds. This TV for PS5 falls in love with its great image attributes.

  • Sony XH90: Ready for the PlayStation 5

Just as its slogan says, this device is ready for this console. Its main feature is its HDMI 2.1 ports as well as FALD lighting and VA technology. Which guarantees optimal response times and a high refresh rate.

It is for this reason and for other great features that Sony ensures that this team is the best friend of the ps5. 

  • LG NanoCell: A ready-to-play experience

Those users who want to play in a modest way without great extravagances can purchase this great team. Same that stands out for its latest technology in transmission and image quality with nanocrystals capable of providing a great experience at affordable costs. You can see one of the models here.

  • Samsung QE60T: A cheaper option from Samsung

And if it is about taking care of your pocket, we present you with an economical option that is still very good.

We are talking about the Samsung QE60T, an upper mid-range device with an outstanding and patented feature of the powerful Samsung: Dual LED technology. This technology provides great image quality. In addition, it has a very good response time.

And these are the best TVs for PS5! If you liked this article share it with your friends and tell us. What is the best TV for PS5 for you?

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