Fix Challenge Required Instagram Error

Everyone loves turning to Instagram for photo inspiration, sharing pictures with their friends, or using the game filters on Instagram Stories. And we are now in an age where people can make a whole career out of being an Instagram Influencer, as it has become a major platform for brand deals and advertising.

Most of the time, Instagram runs smoothly. But with such a big app also comes big problems, and Instagram isn’t without its numerous errors. One of the most common errors that Instagram displays is the Challenge Required Error. But what does it actually mean and how do you fix it?

About Challenge Required Instagram Error

The Challenge Required error is just a security feature used by Instagram to identify the users that sign in if they are indeed humans. When challenge required error occurs there can be multiple reasons for that.

First, the app is perceiving you as a bot. As the challenge required function primarily checks for bots and prevents them from accessing Instagram. Secondly, this message mostly tries to authenticate if the real user of that account is logging in or not. It’s a good move to prevent hackers from trespassing into anyone’s account. But if it stops a genuine user from logging into his own account, then it needs to be addressed.

This error specifically happens when a user logs in through Instagram for the web instead of using the app. This can also occur when you just logged in through a new device, which means Instagram did not recognize your device and would need some verifications before letting you in.

If you think about it, there’s really nothing to worry about this error. It can pop up from time to time but its purpose is just to secure your account and protect it from harmful elements that would exploit it otherwise.

How to Fix Challenge Required on Instagram?

It is highly probable that you may face this error while trying to access Instagram from your PC/laptop using a browser. Now, how do we fix up this error.? Here are a few workarounds that should sort this easily.

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Fix 1: Check the network type

If you are connected to mobile data, you need to switch to a Wi-Fi network while if you are using a Wi-Fi network to browse social media, you need to switch to mobile data.

  • After switching the network type on your device, the IP address will be changed.
  • As the Challenge Required error is a temporary block on the IP address, hence switching your network should fix it.
  • Make sure to close the application after switching your network.

This way your error should be fixed, and you can use the social media platform as usual.

Fix 2: Check Server issues

It may happen that the server is down on Instagram. Then you face error messages that will not allow you to log in to the app. Now, how does one know when the server is down or not. For that, you have to keep track of Instagram uptime and downtime on the Down detector Website.

On that website, you will get exact information about server downtime. It will include the regions around the world where the users are facing the same problem as you do. The affected users normally tweet out the issue on Down Detector. Also, you will get a notification when the downtime will finish and the server will work fine again.

Normally, if there is some kind of serious bug squashing or a major level of change is being incorporated, then the developers down the app/site for a long period of maintenance. They also notify the users through public forums about downtime prior to taking the server down.

Fix 3: Update the Instagram app

Maybe due to some bug in the current build of the APK, this error message may show up. Android/iOS apps and bugs always go hand-in-hand. So, check for new updates available on the Play Store and App store depending on whether you are an Android or iOS user. And for Android users, follow the steps below:

  • Go to Play Store App
  • Tap on the hamburger button
  • Go to My Apps & Games
  • Look in the list of available updates. See if any update is available for Instagram
  • Tap on the Update button to install the new build.

Fix 4: Clear Cache

Sometimes due to storing too many temporary files in the cache memory, we may face trouble in launching or using any app. This applies to Instagram as well. So, you need to clear the cache of Instagram on your smartphone. Here is how you do it.

  • Go to Settings > Apps & notifications > See All Apps
  • Scroll down to Instagram> tap to open
  • tap on Storage & Cache
  • Now tap on Clear Storage and Clear cache
  • Restart your Phone

Now, try logging into Instagram. You should not face any errors.

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Fix 5: Uninstall and reinstall Instagram after 24 to 48 hours

The final method is to uninstall and reinstall Instagram after 24 to 48 hours. The Challenge Required error temporarily blocks your IP address. Hence, it’ll automatically be lifted after some time.

According to many users, the Challenge Required error will be lifted after 24 to 48 hours. There are a couple of things that you can do. This includes waiting for 24 to 48 hours or uninstalling Instagram and waiting for that same period of time.

It’s highly recommended that you uninstall Instagram as it will clear its cache and data. By doing this, Instagram will be on a clean slate when you reinstall and open it.


Instagram is known to falsely detect bots, spam, and automation. Most Instagram problems aren’t severe, especially the Challenge Required issue, and they are usually fixable using the various procedures above. If problems persist, it is best to contact Instagram’s Help Center. You can also get the help you need by sending them an email or messaging them on Facebook.

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