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With our phones playing such a vital role in our lives, it’s no surprise that people are active on Snapchat. And luckily, Snapchat rewards its most active users. Every Snapchat user has a Snap Score, which is a number that tracks how active you are in the app. It’s easy to find, but not so easy to understand.

Here’s everything to know about Snapchat’s Snap Scores.

What are Snap Scores?

A snap score is basically the number of snaps you have sent and received plus a few extra factors, such as your overall presence in the platform. It is fairly easy to achieve a high snap score as long as you are actively using the app and its features. And if there is a leaderboard for the highest snap scores, it would constantly be shuffling names on the list due to the sheer number of daily users on the app. It indicates how active and social you are on Snapchat. Though it can’t be used for anything, it’s fun to see who’s more active on Snapchat from your friend list.

How does Snap Score work?

Snapchat primarily considers the number of snaps that have been sent and received to calculate the score. In other words, it monitors users’ usage, the more the user is active, the more is the score. User’s activity could include the trophies, stories, number of friends, and usage of other available features of the app. Snap Score counts:

  • How many Snaps you’ve sent and received
  • How many Stories you’ve viewed and posted
  • How many Discover videos you’ve watched
  • How many friends you have

Also, Snapchat gives bonus points for sending Snaps to multiple people at once, and for keeping up Snapchat Streaks by sending Snaps to your friends every day. The various factors to take into consideration are Snaps sent and received, the number of stories sent, the number of users added, and the days of Snapchat streak with another user. The Snap Score will be based on how frequently you use the application. If you post snaps, stories regularly, you can see an increase in your score.

Steps to find Snap Score

Snap Scores are easy to find. To find your Snap Score follow the steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Open the Snapchat app.
Step 2: Tap on the profile icon in the top-left corner.
Step 3:Under your name and avatar, you’ll find your Snap score.

Tapping on your Snap score will reveal two other numbers. The number on the left is the number of Snaps you’ve sent since creating your account, and the number on the right is the number of Snaps you’ve received.

How to find someone else’s Snap Score?

Do you want to see how your score compares to a specific friend?

While there is no public leaderboard for Snapchat scores, you can check an individual’s score with very little effort. Here are some steps to find out someone else’s snap score.

Step 1: Go to Snapchat and tap on your profile icon in the top-left corner.
Step 2: Now, scroll down and tap on my Friends.
Step 3: Tap on the icon of any friend.
Step 4: You’ll find the Snap score below their name and avatar.

How to increase Snap Score?

Based on research, these are the likely contributors to your score:

  • Snaps Sent
  • Snaps Received
  • Number of users added
  • The number of stories you post
  • Maintaining Snap Streaks with friends
  • Bonus points when you start using the app again after not using it for a while

So your best bet for increasing your Snapchat score is to use the app as much as possible. With some dedication, you’ll be breaking records in no time. With that being said, it’s important to know some of the common misconceptions about adding to your Snapchat score.

  1. Your Snapchat score will only increase by sending photo and video Snaps, text messages sent through the Snapchat app do not count.
  2. You don’t get extra points for sending the same Snap to multiple users. You need to send a unique Snap to get a point.

Accounts with Highest Snap Score

Snapchat is currently used by millions of people every day. There are also a lot of people who have gotten high snap scores.

Here’s a list of some of the most impressive snap scores from the year 2022 :

@dion-19 – over 61 million

@michae86l – over 29.6 million

@ciqlo – over 26.6 million

@gpierson_20 – over 20 million

@daydrunks – over 20 million

@jade_rush1 – over 10.8 million

@dailybrayden123 – over 7.2 million

@sillyblackguy – over 6 million

@jashanzzz – over 2 million

@pateldeep3 – over 1.4 million

Streaks in Snapchat

A Snapstreak occurs when two people have sent each other Snapchats back and forth for more than three consecutive days. When you start a Snapstreak with someone, you’ll see a fire emoji next to their name in the app. The number next to the fire emoji indicates how long the Snapstreak has been going. Also, Snapchat notifies the user when one of the Snapstreaks is about to end by putting an hourglass emoji by that friend’s name. And if anyone Snapstreaks ends, the user can report the error to Snapchat.

A fire emoji will appear beside the name of this user as well as the number that represents how many days you two have consistently exchanged snaps so far. From a non-user’s perspective, this is just the app’s way of enticing people to continue using the app every single day. But to avid users of the platform, it is an extremely fun way of keeping in touch with closest friends, especially those who live far apart and rarely see each other face-to-face.

Snapchat makes it obvious for users to know if they have an active Snapstreak. However, the meaning of emojis next to a Snapstreak can get confusing for a new user. For Snapstreaks, there are primarily 3 emojis:

  • Fire emoji – As soon as the fire emoji appears next to a Snapchat user’s name, you can rest assured that the Snapstreak has started. As mentioned above, you will have to send and receive Snaps for three consecutive days for the Snapstreak to start.
  • 100 emoji – If you have been consistently maintaining your Snapstreak for 100 days, you will see the 100 emoji next to your friend’s name instead of the fire emoji. The app will switch back to the fire emoji on day 101.
  • Hourglass emoji – The hourglass emoji helps you identify a Snapstreak that is about to expire. It disappears soon after you send a new Snap to keep the Snapstreak active. If you see an hourglass emoji next to someone’s name in Snapchat, that means you have around 4 hours left to send or receive a Snap (picture or video) to save the Snapstreak.

The accounts with the highest Snapchat streaks and still going strong are as follows:

  1. Stephannie and Jessica, 1,957 (5th of June, 2020)
  2. Chris and Caitlin, 1,845 (28th of May, 2020)
  3. Jessica and Madeline, 1,820 (21st of May, 2020)
  4. Daniel and Robin, 1,814 (5th of May, 2020)
  5. Chris and Lauren, 1,808 (12th of June, 2020)
  6. Luke and Alex, 1,802 (9th of March, 2020)
  7. Teather Crawford and Katy Elliott, 1577 (14th of August, 2020)
  8. Tormod and Mathilde, 1,759 (4th of February, 2020)
  9. Daniel and Robin, 1,730 (11th of February, 2020)
  10. Sohvi and Emilia, 1,727 (31st of January, 2020)

Wrapping Up

Snapchat score is basically a fun concept to keep you using the app. A non-functional metric that announces how active you’re on the platform. A bragging right you earn for being an active Snapchat user. The score also positions your profile as an active and engaging user. A high Snap Score will unlock Snapchat Trophies, celebratory emojis for special milestones. However, Snapchat Trophies are now defunct, so there are really no functional or practical benefits to accruing Snapchat scores.

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