How To Find People On OnlyFans

From Twitter to LinkedIn to Reddit, it appears that after a few years a new social media portal emerges, directing users’ attention and becoming an internet star. The latest contender is onlyfans. 

Onlyfans is a social media content subscription facility. It bills its subscribers a flaring up fee for acquiring its content. This content includes images, recorded and live videos, direct messages, and sometimes even merchandise. Content is generally made by YouTubers, fitness trainers, models, content creators, public figures, in order to devise their occupation. Onlyfans is mostly famous for NSFW content and has become a very popular application for the adult entertainment industry. But, this content means that this portal is not available on any mobile app store. 


To get access to the content on OnlyFans, users are firstly required to set up an account. Creating an account on this platform is an easy, quick, and free process but, a person should be over 18 years old to be able to set up an account. Also, to view a creator’s content the user has to subscribe to the creator’s account and pay the creator unless the creator’s account is particularly set up to permit free access. 

A minimal amount of $ 4.99 to a maximum fee of $49.99 per month is charged to the fans to get access to the creator’s content. Users also get a chance to reward a tip to the creators to buy extra content from them. The lowest tip a user can pay is $5 and the highest tip is $100.


There are four prime kinds of content accessible on onlyfans: videos, photos, direct messages, and status updates. Just like other social media portals, photos and videos are eminent with the fans, mainly where adult entertainment is reviewed. Upgrades work similarly to Facebook posts. To grab fans’ attention, all the creators have to do is to type out a message on their keyboard and post it to their onlyfans page. 

About 70-80 percent of the content on this platform is created by adult entertainers which can range from mildly flirtatious to X-rated. Other than this, the remaining content comprises videos from Hollywood actors, musicians, fitness trainers, influencers, journalists, filmmakers, and small businesses, among others. To endorse the content and to support COVID-19 funds, American rapper Swae Lee, and The Plastic Boy shared step-by-step makeup and skincare regimen.


OnlyFans platform seems to be a perfect place for big and small content creators with faithful audiences, but there’s a flaw in the portal that the OnlyFans search engine is not the best of all. As a matter of fact, it can be difficult for users to find accounts without a username. 

Here’s a solution on how to find people on Only Fans.

As the portal promotes privacy, a user can only search for posts and not for a person. But, to help users to find people there are some ways to make it easier for people to make attempts on looking for people.

1. Only Fans Reddit Community

There is a large community of Redditers that encourage and support new Only Fans profile only with the creator’s permission. Creators with a new Only Fans account generally publicize a direct link to it on Reddit. So, to find a person in specific the user just needs to fill in the username on Reddit Search Bar and tap enter.  

2. Users can find people through the location on OnlyFans 

To find a person using the location, the user is required to use a third-party web page which must have the feature that imposes Google Maps to search someone on Only Fans based on the account’s location. One of the best third-party website options is the OnlyFinder. But, there’s an exception that not all creators make their location public, so users have to first try and check.

3. Users can search for OnlyFans link on Twitter

Surprisingly, Google is not the first reference of traffic for OnlyFans. People can find any OnlyFans creator on other social media portals such as Twitter and Facebook. Creators mostly tend to promote their OnlyFans profile on Twitter. So, to find people through Twitter users can make a rapid search for suitable keywords related to their queries and tap the enter button. Also, since users post URLs to their OnlyFans profile, they can simply search for ‘’. 


The growing popularity of the OnlyFans portal opened tons of opportunities for content creators. With the content being promoted by the creators OnlyFans has created a strong fan base among people today. Also, the OnlyFans platform permits its users to create any type of content including adult content which has also resulted in the exceptional progress of the portal. 

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