Joe Santagato Net Worth 

Joseph Patrick Santagato a well-known American comedian, YouTuber, and podcaster with a $1 million fortune is Joe Santagato net worth . He is well-known for his Youtube  videos and the number-one iTunes podcast titled “The Basement Yard.”

Explore Joe Santagato’s remarkable ascent to millionaire status by reading on. Learn some interesting details about Joe Santagato’s life, such as his history, the way he spent his youth, his regular sources of money, and a variety of other things.

What does Joe Santagato earn in terms of Money?

YouTube is Joe Santagato’s primary source of income. He receives about $70,00 in advertising money annually from the videos on his stream. Additionally, Joe Santagato receives around $40,000 in advertising money from The Basement Yard, another YouTube channel.

The following is a list of Joe Santagato’s projected regular income: 

$150K yearly income 

$12,500 monthly after taxes 

Earnings per week: $2,88K 

$411 daily income 

Earnings Per Hour: $17.12

What is Joe Santagato’s Source of Income?

Joe Santagato is a podcaster, comedian, and YouTube star. Additionally, he has an online store on his own website. Joe Santagato earns money through a variety of sources. We’ve listed his sources of income below: 

Money made through YouTube. 

Putting up a comedy show.

Doing podcasting work.

Creating TV shows.

Selling products via his official website.

Joe Santagato Net worth by money earned From YouTube 

In 2013, Joe Santagato started his journey as a YouTube video creator by founding the Santagato TV YouTube channel. On May 17, 2014, he changed the channel’s name to Joe Santagato. With 183 uploads today, the channel has 2.45 million subscribers. 4.66 billion video views generate him about $70,000 in ad money from this channel each year.

In addition to his own YouTube channel, Joe Santagato also runs The Basement Yard. It is the podcast of Joe Santagato’s channel. With 213 uploads, it has 213 thousand subscribers. This channel’s posted videos received 37 million views, which is worth up to $40,000 annually.

Performing As A Comedian 

From the outset, Joe Santagato was meant to be a comic. He therefore began stand-up comedy. The comedy on Netflix features a co-written script as well, according to Joe Santagato. He has become too well-known through his stand-up comedy routines alongside Greg Dybec.

Earnings From Podcasts

Joe Santagato runs the ‘Other People Lives’ podcast channel, with over more than 80,000 subscribers. He also has a weekly podcast with 207k listeners on his second channel, “The Basement Yard,” which he also runs. 

Joe Santagato often extends invitations to guests on his podcast channels and delivers new humor. He earns about $3,000 every podcasting session, on average.

Joe Santagato Net Worth by working on Television Series 

Although Joe Santagato is a comedian and a YouTube star, he has also worked on TV shows as an executive producer and an actor. 

Joe Santagato performed in two TV shows, including Seven Bucks Digital Studios in 2016 and Other People’s Lives in 2017. Ten episodes of the television show Seven Bucks Digital Studios include him in a supporting role. 

In 2017, Joe Santagato also served as the executive producer of the television series Other People’s Lives, in which he also appeared.

Selling Products from his own Official Website 

Joe Santagato created a website called on his official Google domain to sell stuff to his followers. He makes a lot of money through selling the product since he has a sizable fan base. 

On that website, Joe Santagato offers a variety of products for sale, such as logo socks, t-shirts bearing the Edit That Out design, Santagato international long – sleeved t-shirts, etc. Additionally, there are Also the Basement Yard designs, which include hoodies, tops, t-shirts, and more.


This article will cover all you need to know about Joe Santagato Net Worth, including how does he earns money and also how he makes money from different things that are written above in this article . I really hope you learned a lot from this article.



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